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By | July 22, 2019

Walmart is one of those few companies which has branches in almost every country in the world. It is also the company which the has highest no. of staff and employees. It is no 1 in the world because of the service that it provides to its customers. It provides a number of discounts, a number of offers to woo the customers. Walmart Credit Card is one such business strategy of Walmart Company to help the customers and in turn, increase their sales. This Walmart Credit card is the most useful thing if you want to shop at Walmart. This Walmart Credit Card makes your Shopping easier than ever. It is also a secure and easy way for all the customers to shop at Walmart. This main advantage is it removes the baggage of carrying cash with them.

What Are Benefits of the Walmart Credit Card

  • Gas Discounts
  • No Annual Fee
  • Fraud Protection
  • Adding other Authorized Users
  • Special Offers and free FICO Credit Score

Apply Walmart Credit Card Online – Detailed Tutorial

Anyone can Apply Walmart Credit Card and it is also very easy. Even the first timers can easily Apply for Walmart Credit Card. Since it has a lot of benefits, everyone should have this Credit Card. Furthermore, you can check below to know the process of Walmart Credit Card Application.

Step 1: First you should Go to website. Here On the top right corner of the page, you will find the option Credit card. Select this Credit Card option which helps you to get Walmart Credit Card.
Step 2: Furthermore, Click on Apply Now when you land on the next page.
Step 3: With that you will land on the next page. Here you should enter your Walmart Login Details, your Walmart Password, and your email address. After entering all your details, click on Walmart Sign in.
Step 4: If you don’t have an account with Walmart, one can easily create an account with it. On the Login page, one can see Create Account, select this Create Account. Now, you have to enter your First Name, your Last Name, Your Email Address. And at last enter a Password for your account that you want to use.
Step 5: Now for applying for the Walmart Credit Card, you have to sign in first. With that, you will land on the next page. Here you should enter details like your First name, your last name, your Initials, your current Address, State, City, your Zip code. After that, you should enter more details like your Home Phone Number, your Email address, your Annual Net Income. At last, you should also enter the number of years that you’ve been living at your current address.
Step 6: Now you should select either electronical or a physical printed as the mode of billing statement.
Step 7: Furthermore, For verification check, you should enter your DOB, your Social Security Number and also Your Mother’s Maiden Name.
Step 8: Next carefully Read the following Terms and Conditions which is very important.
Step 9: After reading all the terms and conditions of Walmart Credit Card, click on the tick box to Accept them. Now click on Submit option with which you have completed successfully the process of How To Apply Walmart Credit Card.

Manage Walmart Credit Card – Simple Steps

How to Activate your Walmart Credit Card

* If you have a Walmart credit card, then you can easily activate it. You have two methods for it, either by calling the Walmart Phone Number or by the online activation process.
* When you land on the Walmart Login page, you can find the Activate My Card option.
* You should select this option which will take you to the next page. Here click on the Register and Activate button.
* On the next page, enter your Walmart Account number in the given blank.
* You have to Make sure that you are the only primary account holder.
* After that select a security mobile number. By this, your Walmart Credit Card will be activated.

How to Login to Make Payments: It is very easy to Make payments via Walmart Credit Card. All you need to do is to sign in your Walmart Credit Card account. Furthermore, Check below to know the process.

* First visit the
* After that, Click on the Credit card which you can find on the top right corner.
* You have to click on Access Account On the next page.
* After that, enter your Walmart User ID. Now by Clicking on Sign in option, you will enter your account. With that, you can make your payments.

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Forgot Your Walmart Credit Card Password?

If you ever forget your User ID, you need not worry. There is an easy and simple process to retrieve your Walmart Password. Check below to know that simple process.

* First of all, go to the official Log in Page.
* There you should enter your Walmart user ID.
* After entering you should click on “Look up your User ID”.
* With that, you will go to the next page where you should your Account Number.
* After entering the account number, enter the Last 4 Digits of your Social Security Number.
* As the last step, click on the next which will help you retrieving your Lost User ID.

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